Current Project a project of Carver County Social Services

Abused children and children in foster care interact with a plush toy-like therapeutic companion that sends and receives messages.  A support community or safety network made up of family, friends, and social workers interact with a web or mobile interface to invite and register community members, receive updates on the child's status, preview and send messages to the child, and view analytics to better understand and work with both the child and the community.

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Our Mission

The Hug Me Hug YOU! Initiative is a Minnesota Non-Profit 317A Corporation with a mission to research, develop, manufacture, and freely distribute therapeutic companions to children in need in order to provide them with emotional support, to contribute to their overall sense of well-being, and to help each child stay connected to their support community.

Our Values

We at the Hug Me Hug YOU! Initiative believe that every child needs to connect to those that matter most, to communicate, to play.

We want to provide a safe way to allow children to have fun while staying in touch with their support community!

We know that today's world is more interconnected and interactive then at any other point in human history thanks to advancements in smartphone, gaming, and mobile technology, yet children, especially those under the protection of child services and those suffering from long-term disability or illness, may not have access to such devices.

With the challenges of being apart from family and friends the Hug Me Hug YOU! Initiative is here to help.